About us


We deliver value to our customers by successfully integrating people, business processes and technology.


ISCS is a leading expert company for organizational excellence, effective business processes, and IT solutions. We plan and implement business processes and Best-in-Class software solutions for a wide range of industries, spanning traditional manufacturing, high-tech and communication, chemical companies, retail and CPG manufacturers among others.


ISCS is  an APICS International channel partner, deliver organizations and individuals with the APICS worldwide recognized certifications in the realm of Supply Chain and Inventory Management.


Above all, we see our mission as to empower companies of all sizes across the globe to make optimal decisions that improve profitability and achieve real results.

Strategic Business Consulting

ISCS help companies translate strategic vision into tactical and operational execution.

We are committed to making businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable by:


  • Developing a pragmatic strategy
  • Aligning business processes to organizational strategy
  • Supporting change management
  • Reflecting risk factors of  critical decisions
  • Enabling company's growth




Business Processes

Integrated Business Planning: Gain competitive advantage through demand driven supply chain

We believe that in order to create a sustainable, long lasting solution, that delivers financial real results, there is a crucial need for best practice business processes combined with technology implementation.


  • Mapping current processes (As-is) and design of the desired processes (To-be)
  • Gap analysis between As-is and best practice
  • Recommendations for improved organization structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Define application requirements to support planning processes
  • Build a roadmap for solution implementation  including benefits and ROI
  • Solution implementation from design, configuration and implementation to roll-out.


IT Solution Implementation 

Helping organizations plan, grow, structure, and utilize technology to improve business performance.

ISCS offers a broad portfolio of planning, execution and optimization solutions to help firms transform their supply chains into a powerful competitive advantage - from raw materials to finished products and into customers’ hands.

Our solutions are built on sense and response framework that enables end-to-end visibility, real–time monitoring of performance and early exception detection and resolution.

Our service offering include business processes design & solution implementation for:


  • Demand Forecasting & planning
  • Production planning
  • Supply, distribution & replenishment planning
  • S&OP and collaboration processes
  • Inventory policy & optimization
  • Category management – Assortments and Planogram optimization
  • KPI's definition to support business goals and constant improvement




Financial Real Results

Real Results, fast and long lasting

Due to our profound understanding, our winning team of experts and proven experience we can help you achieve REAL RESULTS, FAST AND LONG LASTING:


  • Increased forecast accuracy of 10-15%
  • Optimized promotion resulting on sales increases of 7-9%
  • Reduced inventory leading to increases in inventory turns by 5-8%
  • Improved service levels 0.5-5% while reducing lost sales 5-12%
  • Improved order promising accuracy within the desired delivery week from 50-92% without manual intervention or adjustment
  • Addressed localized seasonal demand variations
  • Reduce cycle time for forecasting and planning to enable faster response time