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Leading organizations understand today that their Supply Chain is one of their most important strategic assets. Manufacturers need to be able to generate multi-site manufacturing and distribution plans that respect materials and capacity constraints and be able to quickly adjust those plans as demand changes to ensure that customer orders are delivered on time. Retailers need to supply their customer's demand in promotion based environment.


Our Supply Chain Planning solutions provide global, end-to-end supply chain optimization across procurement, manufacturing, distribution and stores, enabling manufacturers, distributors and retailers to improve service levels, increase productivity, reduce operational costs and drive profitable growth.

Transform your business by using advanced planning solutions to:


  • Maximize on-time delivery and prioritize demand based on due dates, customers and demand types across the supply chain
  • Coordinate production plans across in-house and/or outsourced manufacturing facilities
  • Reduce inventory levels across procurement, manufacturing, distribution and stoers
  • Support materials requirements planning for centrally managed items