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Manufacturers need to be able to generate multi-site manufacturing and distribution plans that respect materials and capacity constraints and be able to quickly adjust those plans as demand changes to ensure that customer orders are delivered fully and on time.

Discrete manufacturers deal with daily challenges as the need to coordinate global production plans across in-house and/or outsourced manufacturing facilities meet orders and schedules at a profitable cost, reduce work-in-process and finished goods inventory, utilize bottle necks, maximize on-time delivery and prioritize demand based on due dates, customers and demand types.  

ISCS's customers turn to us for our profound business understanding, our wide experience with different discrete manufacturing organizations and our comprehensive expertise in demand forecast and management, Production Master Planning, inventory optimization, S&OP, factory planning and scheduling and transportation and logistics management.

ISCS has successfully led various projects with leading discrete manufacturing companies from various industrial segments at Israel and Europe, such as Thales, IAI, Ceragon and many more.