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  • How do I shape and influence the demand for my products?
  • How fast can I sense and react to changes in demand?
  • How do I create one view of demand to align all business functions?
  • How do I manage product life cycle, seasonality, trends and events?
  • How effective are my promotions?
  • How do I improve my forecast accuracy?


Achieve one synchronized view of Demand to effectively manage performance, collaboration and visibility.

Predicting customer demand is tough enough on its own. It gets even more complicated by shorter product life cycles, expanding product assortments, multiple channels, frequent promotions and more.

Advanced Demand Management solutions help companies accurately forecast demand and prepare for future demand changes. By leveraging an integrated planning framework with multiple demand forecasting methods and with integrated demand visibility and management solutions, you will be able to optimize supply chain decisions and dramatically increase your organization's efficiency and profitability


  • Create one synchronized view of consumer demand.
  • Proactively sense, forecast and shape demand.
  • Increase demand visibility across the entire trading network.
  • Manage S&OP processes to effectively align all business functions.