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  • What is my optimal safety stock level? And which risks does it cover?
  • How much inventory should I keep and where?
  • How can I improve my service level and at what cost?
  • How do I best utilize my capacity?
  • How can I increase my inventory turnovers?


Orchestrate end-to-end integrated supply chain with time phased planning.

Delivering what your customers need, when they need it, isnít easy. For a long time manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors have planned their operations based on factory capacity and asset utilization. Lately, leading companies are taking a different approach: allowing customer demand to drive supply chain planning and execution Ė this is called the Demand-Driven Supply Chain.

Advanced Supply Chain Planning solutions provide global, end-to-end supply chain optimization across procurement, manufacturing and distribution, enabling manufacturers to plan safety stock levels, improve service levels, increase productivity, reduce operational costs and drive profitable growth.


  • Reduce inventory levels across procurement, manufacturing and distribution while maintaining desired customer service levels.
  • Maximize on-time delivery and prioritize demand based on demand type (actual orders, forecast orders, Safety Stock orders), due dates, customer's type and more.
  • Enable faster response time with full supply chain visibility.
  • Coordinate global production plans across in-house and/or outsourced manufacturing facilities.
  • Support materials requirements planning for centrally managed items