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  • How fast can I react to changes in demand?
  • What is the optimal time-phased production plan to meet the demand?
  • How do I best utilize bottle necks?
  • Can I use what-if scenarios to examine alternative decisions?
  • How can I reduce my operational cost while maintaining the required service level?


Orchestrate end-to-end integrated supply chain with time phased planning

Manufacturers need to be able to generate multi-site manufacturing and distribution plans that respect materials and capacity constraints and be able to quickly adjust those plans as demand changes to ensure that customer orders are delivered fully and on time.

Demand Driven Production Planning & Scheduling solution enables manufacturers to address the unique challenges across process and discrete manufacturing.  
Production Planning solution provide global, end-to-end supply chain optimization across procurement, manufacturing and distribution, enabling manufacturers to improve service levels, increase productivity, reduce operational costs and drive profitable growth.


  • Synchronize production, logistics, material flow, and other resources across the entire network.
  • Reduce work-in-process and finished goods inventory.
  • Increase responsiveness to manufacturing performance deviation, events and demand changes.