• Where is my GAP?
  • What is causing the GAP,how big is it?
  • What are the best strategies to close the GAP?

Enable fact based decisions that affect your bottom line results.


S&OP enables high-performance business process optimization and execution to achieve a connected view from raw materials flowing into production to end-customer.


The S&OP process is a continuous process in which executives have visibility and input, so that the resulting plans reconcile short-term demand predictions with long-term organizational goals. S&OP will occur at both the operational and the executive levels, bringing both views together in an ongoing, closed-loop planning process that focuses on achieving consensus.

Across every part of the organization, the S&OP process provides a disciplined cadence for monitoring and synchronizing demand, production, supply, inventory and financial plans via a rigorous Plan-Do-Check-Act process. The entire supply chain can share a common perspective on any issues and agree on an appropriate path for resolution.

S&OP process and solution implementation enable global and local manufacturers to decrease inventory levels while ensuring optimal resource assignment and maintaining or increasing service level by improved planning processes.


  • Benefit from improved company-wide visibility, strategic alignment and financial accountability.
  • Implement executive-led strategies that increase revenue, lower costs and improve cash flow across the entire supply chain network.
  • Achieve greater profitability and market share.