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Monitor key performance indicators and maximize selling-space effectiveness


Retailers and suppliers share similar ultimate company goals: Maximize sales and profits, efficiently move product fast and satisfy customers. Yet with limited retail space, increasingly hard-to-please consumers and inventory registering among the most expensive assets, these goals can be difficult to achieve.


Ensuring customers can find the products they want, when they want them requires proven processes and solutions that optimize space and category management initiatives and help meet consumer expectations whenever and wherever customers desire!


Planogram solution helps construct, manage and optimize detailed retail planograms that enable companies to optimize merchandise space allocations and efficiently execute demand-driven category and assortment management plans.


  • Increase sales, profits and inventory ROI by optimizing space allocations.
  • Reduce markdowns, stock-outs and merchandise transfer costs.
  • Achieve streamlined workflow and decision making.
  • Optimize product and space decisions.
  • Improve trading partner relationships.