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Gartner SCM Software report 2014

Gartner reports SCM software revenue in 2014 will reach 10B$ reflecting 12.2% growth from 2013. This would be the highest annual growth rate since 2011. "The market for supply chain technologies is buoyant," said Chad Eschinger, research vice president at Gartner. "Both supply chain execution and supply chain planning revenues are on course to grow at double-digit rates in 2014."

Supply Chain Conference

ISCS sponsor the Supply Chain Conference that takes place yearly since 1999. The general assembly will include lecture by VP Supply chain of ALLO, leading Ukraine retail chain and ISCS Customer that will share from his experience in implementing SC Planning solution managed by ISCS.

21 October 2013

Come running with us!

We believe in running togther, in relationrship and responsebility. Come join us for running togther!

ISCS sponseor the Yarkon Half-Marathon race to support Israeli running community and sports in general.

August 30 2013

International Logistics Forum

ISCS participated in the "International Logistics Forum" that was held in Moscow on June 27th 2012.

During the conference ISCS gave key presentations in the various proffesional areas - S&OP, Supply Chain benchmark and ROI and more.

June 27th 2012

Practical S&OP workshop

S&OP process is a cross-organizational process which establishes communication and collaboration between various organizational units in order to maximize the performance of the entire organization, to address gaps and operational problems and serve as a substitute for seeing only the local optimum of each division by itself.

May 2011