Asset Management

Ewave Mobile develops and implements asset management systems that provide full tracking and control of physical assets, so you can always know exactly where they are and what is their status. Our solutions facilitate ongoing inventory and asset counts, marking the items with unique serial numbers that may be associated to a locator (building, room, warehouse, shelf, pallet etc.).


With our asset management solutions, all the relevant products are either barcoded or marked with an RFID tag, starting from the production stage and continuing throughout the whole supply chain. The products are scanned when they reach the supplier, the retailer and finally the end-user. The data is being transferred to a central database using the internet cloud, where a smart rule based engine detects unusual errors and behaviors and generates appropriate alerts and reports for the management.


We have also developed a proprietary track & trace solution that prevents parallel import and enables fraud detection. Through intelligent use of IoT sensors, our customers know at any given moment who is selling their products and where, and can identify any abnormal behavior by using a central rule engine.


Ewave Mobile's customers in this field are mainly from the manufacturing, electronics and retail sectors – corporates that relate immense importance to supervising the sales of their products and detect parallel importation violations. For example, Ewave Mobile allows a global printers company to monitor the distribution of its printer inkjets, and an international cosmetics company to prevent piracy in the distribution of its therapeutic products.

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