Smart Retail Solutions

Ewave Mobile develops and resale smart retail applications whose aim is to promote mobile shopper opportunities, increase network profits and improve customer experience.


Mobile Shopping


In recent years, mobile shopping has been taking up an increasing share of the purchases in both digital and physical stores. The emergence of new mobile payment capabilities and in-store mobile marketing tactics offer new and better opportunities to both retail chains and their end-customers.

Alongside the development of e-commerce systems, Ewave Mobile is also implementing solutions for efficient purchasing in the physical stores. The company's solutions use either mobile terminals or personal smartphones to allow retail chains connecting with mobile shoppers who are showrooming in their stores.

Ewave Mobile's implements unique mobile shopping solution that enables customers to pick up a mobile terminal in the store entrance and just scan the items they are interested to buy. From that moment, they do not have to do anything – not to stand in the cashiers' line, nor to use their credit card or to wait in line for checkout. The entire buying checkout process is computerized without the need for any customer intervention.

Our mobile shopper solution has been proven to increase the efficiency and profitability of the retail chains, the amount of customer purchases, and of course, the customers' satisfaction with this fast and convenient process.

Ewave Mobile also offers complementary category management and planogram solutions.


Location Based Applications (Beacons)


Ewave Mobile has gained unique experience in the field of indoor navigation systems with an emphasis on beacons in the retail industry. The purpose of these applications is to provide customers with attractive offers tailored to their needs from the moment they enter the branch, thus maximizing the potential of the customers' stay in the branch for the retail chain.

All the end-customers need to do is download the relevant application to their mobile phone and register. From this moment on, with common mobile phone components such as GPS or Bluetooth, they get push notifications (e.g. "Welcome to our branch!") as soon as they enter a specific branch of the retail chain. Then the customers are identified by beacons located throughout the branch the moment they reach a specific area of ​​the store, a particular department, or even a shelf. For example, if the customer is 10 meters away from the men's clothing department, and the organization wants to promote the sale of a specific jacket, it can send the customer a push notification through the app (e.g. "A special coupon for this jacket is waiting for you!". The coupon will contain an attractive and timely discount on the jacket, and the customer will be able to redeem it on the spot.


Retail Signage Solution


Ewave Mobile has developed a leading retail signage system that enables signage production and presentation for all products in retail chains and stores of any type and size. It allows constant and accurate update of the signs in the various branches, and enables unified presentation of the products in all branches.

Our system offers clear and consistent in store signage, labeling and price tagging, and enables central or distributed control while standardizing the overall branding among branches. It saves time and eliminates human errors by automatically interfacing to the POS system and hence eliminates the need to re-type promotions and the human errors associated with it.

The system includes designs which can be adapted to the different item types, fixed input fields (such as product name, brand, price and weight) and designated fields for specific products. The production is carried out remotely via a centralized web-based system or directly by the end-users at the chain's branches. In the branch it can support both hardcopy signage printing or connection to electronic shelf label systems (ESL's). The signage system allows users to get all the information they need in one place, with a simple, efficient and convenient interface that offers a user-friendly experience. It enables operational cost savings, shortens work processes, reinforces network branding, enables the promotion of specific products and most importantly – increases revenue!

The system consists of three main components:

  1. Central design system that allows users to prepare signs in the desired format using an intuitive graphical interface
  2. Branch management software that allows users to select a print format, retrieve item data from the organizational systems, type relevant data, update descriptions and prices, and print the signs
  3. Distribution software for branches integrated with the customer's internal systems and specific requirements

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