Software Services

Ewave Mobile develops and integrates a wide range of operational systems for medium to large customers. We have an exceptional experience in building mobile and web based systems in a variety of technologies (Java, .NET, PHP, HTML5, iOS, Android and more).


Among our solutions in this field:


  • Cellular apps – Our Android & iOS team develops custom applications, both B2C and operational, for a wide array of customers
  • E-commerce systems – We develop digital stores that are linked to the organization's operating systems through a unified service layer, and support a process that begins with the purchase on the website or the application and continues within the organization's internal systems that handle customer service, product collection, shipment, etc.
  • Self-service systems – Linked to the organization's operational systems, these systems display information in a variety of formats for both the end-users and the system administrators, enabling the efficient management of users, customers, permissions, and more. These systems display relevant data, update the existing information systems with data delivered by the customer via the website or the application, and provide the customer with information on demand from any place and at any time


Ewave Mobile develops all software components, integrates them with the operational systems, and provides ongoing support and maintenance services. It offers advanced solutions for the efficient management and operation of mobile workers (sales agents, cashiers, drivers, technicians, warehousemen, inspectors, etc.) by demand, as well as several proprietary shelf products in the following areas:


  • Sales Force Automation (SFA) system with rich functionality
  • Mobile Meter Reading system
  • A wide range of technological solutions designed for the medical sector based on cellular, barcode and RFID technologies – for general laboratories, pathology and cytogenetics, blood banks, absorption and release of patients, warehouses and logistics centers, laundry marking, medical records, knowledge management portals, service stations (kiosks), and a variety of applications for the ongoing management of clinics and hospitals

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