Vertical IoT Solutions

  • Throughout its comprehensive project operations, Ewave Mobile has developed many integrated software and hardware solutions for various industries. Here are some of our generic, industry-specific solutions:


    Banking – Smart Safe Solution


    Ewave Mobile has created a unique smart safe solution that allows business customers to make quick, secure and accurate deposits to banks and financial institutions.

    Our system enables an authorized store manager to deposit all daily cash and checks at the touch of a button, and ensure a commercial deposit on the same business day. It allows the business owner to immediately receive notification of the deposit and see the deposit amount in the bank's website or mobile application only seconds after physically submitting it into the smart safe.

    The solution we have developed is based on automatic barcode generation and integration to the relevant smart safe hardware and eventually banking system. We implement a dedicated module in the relevant websites and mobile apps, and follow strict security protocols.


    Manufacturing – Weapon Monitoring System


    Ewave Mobile offers armies, police and homeland security organizations an advanced weapon monitoring and management system that enables them to fully track and manage their arms.

    Our system completely automates weapon tracking in order to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of weapon logistics while greatly improving asset control.

    We make weapons "smart" by using a sensor module that transmits data about the number of shots fired to the armory's management system and can update the ERP system in real-time. Our system provides theft alerts and preventive maintenance recommendations to enable intelligent management and maintenance of weapons. With our system, you can know each weapon's repair history, exact location, and even how many bullets were fired from it at any given moment.


    Consumer Goods – Food Quality Detection System


    Ewave Mobile has developed a quality assurance and freshness detection solution for retail, food and restaurant chains.

    These companies want to ensure that the food products they sell is in compliance with the regulations defined by them and by public and government organizations.

    Our solution is based on the use of time temperature indicator and loggers. These stickers are affixed to the product and change their color according to the time that passes and the physical conditions. It is regularly scanned using a personal mobile phone or other mobile device. The scanned data is transmitted via the Internet cloud to a backend system that allows analysis of the product's freshness status among stores and end selling points.

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