Category Management

The mix of products can sometimes seem endless and need to be managed carefully in order to improve both consumer satisfaction and business results for the retailer and the supplier alike. Successful category management draws on the latest industry trends, leverages available data and utilizes best-in-class technologies.


Ewave Mobile implements leading solutions for planogram design and smart category and space management. The system we implement enables retailers and manufacturers to optimize the placement of all the products on the shelves, with an emphasis on customer needs, product profitability, agreements between the various entities and compliance with existing regulations. This system significantly increases sales, profit and inventory ROI by optimizing space allocations, reducing markdowns, stock-outs and merchandise transfer costs, streamlining workflow and decision making, and improving trading partner relationships.


With space and category management solutions, retailers and suppliers can effectively plan, execute and analyze demand-based category and assortment strategies, while increasing overall profitability and sales per square meter. Professional planograms (models that indicate the placement of products on shelves) enable them to:


  • Optimize store clusters by store, department and category levels
  • Tailor assortments to meet true local demand for improved customer service level
  • Increase movement at full retail value while lowering carrying costs
  • Decrease out-of-stocks on the one hand and excess inventory on the other
  • Maximize sales of the right products at higher margins
  • Automate processes for managing large volumes of floor plans and planograms
  • Simplify collaboration with trading partners on product and space decisions
  • Translate merchandising strategy into tactics that ensure consistent store execution of corporate strategic assortment decisions

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