Forecasting and Demand Management

Advanced demand management solutions enable companies to accurately forecast and prepare for future demand changes. By leveraging a planning framework with multiple demand forecasting methods and with integrated demand visibility and management solutions, you will be able to optimize supply chain decisions and dramatically increase your organization's efficiency and profitability. The effect can be seen in measures such as:


  • Optimized inventory – Improving the level of supply and service to the customer Lower inventory days – Reducing inventory days due to better accuracy and less "security" stocking
  • Stock accuracy – Reducing deficit and surplus, since the forecast accuracy reduces the bullwhip effect
  • Improved processes – Streamlining transport processes


Ewave Mobile implements automated tools for developing multi-dimensional sales forecasts based on product hierarchies, customer channels, and deployment of the organization's logistics network. It helps companies to achieve one synchronized view of demand to effectively manage performance, collaboration and visibility.


Our inventory forecasting systems include diverse modules such as demand forecast, procurement and production planning and scheduling, distribution process optimization, transportation planning, "What-if" simulations, and more. These solutions include rich functionality and adaptability to the organization based on a wide range of business rules that support the needs and constraints of the organization, the strategy and the level of service required.

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