Supply Chain Consulting

For many years, Ewave Mobile has been involved in supply chain consulting, diagnosis and analysis.


We advise our customers on how to successfully implement supply chain solutions, while incorporating several factors:


  • Evaluating and modeling the capabilities of all logistic network characteristics and constraints, while focusing on the organization's business rules
  • Selecting and adapting a technological solution that includes an advanced prediction engine
  • Implementing a technological solution for multi-level planning (demand planning, production, procurement and distribution)
  • Assigning a team of consultants with deep knowledge and expertise in planning and implementing supply chain processes


At the same time, we offer our customers independent diagnostic services (SCM Discovery) performed by a professional team with vast experience in global supply chain diagnosis processes. These highly-focused projects usually last between 6 and 8 weeks, from early diagnosis to the final conclusions. The supply chain discovery process includes:


  • Modeling and converting the corporate vision into supply chain strategy
  • Designing “To Be“ business processes
  • Recommending a supply chain restructure (functions, roles, corporate)
  • Mapping master data for identifying gaps to support supply chain processes
  • Designing IT solution architecture to enhance supply chain capabilities
  • Providing a recommended road map, project realization plan, ROI measuring method and budget to implement a complete tailor-made supply chain solution

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