Transportation Management Systems

A transportation management system (TMS) is an important part of any supply chain management system. Ewave Mobile offers an advanced solution for the planning and management of all production and distribution resources, enabling the improvement of the level of service provided to customers.


The system we implement optimizes supply chain constraints and allocation of resources (material and capacity) to deliver products to customers on time, quantity and quality required by planning all phases of the distribution lines – from vehicle planning and loading at the WMS, through sorting the order of drops, to the actual delivery verification phase (POD – Proof of Delivery).


Ewave Mobile provides various integrated hardware and software solutions for asset control and distribution, as well as an advanced POD system.


These solutions enable the efficient management of vehicle fleets and quality monitoring of drivers and delivery agents by updating the mobile terminals in the list of shipments in real-time, updating the operational and financial systems in the status of the shipments, reporting each shipment and adding a unique digital signature.

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